Bar Refaeli Body Measurements

As you well know, Bar Refaeli is one of the hottest rising models and all around celebrity in the business, which brings us to why shes so sensationally irresistible, her amazing body measurements.

Bar Refaeli is listed by various modeling agencies as having 34-24-35 body measurements.

Bar Refaeli Birthday

Better late the never i suppose. Back on June 4th Bar Refaeli celebrated her 25th birthday and since i forgot to wish her a happy birthday with a post back then, I'll just do that right here and now.

My apologies and happy belated birthday, Bar Refaeli!

Bar Refaeli Net Worth

Bar Refaeli has seemingly taken the entire world by storm in merely a few short years after appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

And it goes without saying that she is raking in the cash at a steady flow, in fact i just saw that her money net worth is over $20 million dollars.

Not bad for a 25 year old.

Bar Refaeli Bra Size

You know how i love to bring you the latest and greatest news and gossip about Bar Refaeli, so I'll stay consistent with that reputation and let you in on a little secret about Bar Refaeli, which is her bra size.

Bar Refaeli's actual bra size is said to be 34C.

Now how does that match up with what you thought before reading this post.

Bar Refaeli Height

Quick question for all you Bar Refaeli loyalist out there on the internet, what would you estimate Bar Refaeli's height being?

Pretty much all the websites i saw had her height listed at 5 feet 9 inches, however i personally think she is an inch or two taller...

Please give some feedback on this topic!

Bar Refaeli Amazing Hair Texture

Is it just my imagination or does Bar Refaeli have the most beautiful thick full head of hair!?!

Of course many famous actresses have exceptional hair, but it seems like Bar Refaeli is on a whole other level of lovely.

And not only is her hair stunningly beautiful, she dons the most fabulous hairstyles, more often than not, something long and flowing.

Speaking of hairstyles, which of Bar Refaeli's hairstyles is your favorite?

Bar Refaeli Perfect Teeth

There are nice teeth and then there are perfect teeth, and that is exactly what Bar Refaeli has, perfect teeth.

Just admire how straight they are, so perfectly white and shiny.

If i was filling out my 64 best celebrity teeth bracket, Bar Refaeli would be a shoe in for the final four.

Bar Refaeli Feet

Lets have a close look at the amazingly beautiful feet of Israeli model, Bar Refaeli.

Bar Refaeli looks to have very nice well kept feet, average size and cute manicured toes.